Young Explainers

This post is just going to introduce to you a handful of  members from the group, including  what educational background they come from, what they can bring to the group as well as what they want to achieve from it.


Hello readers my name is Laura Hughes, I am a final year Art History student, soon-to-be graduate of the University of Plymouth. I have, for two years, been elected Student Representative, acting as a gateway of communication between students and lecturers. I think communication is key, and as a world class talker I hope to bring this element to the Young Explainers 2012.

Although my main skills are in research I love working in a team and I find bouncing out-of-the-box ideas off one another create the best results.

Aside from the obvious benefits the Young Explainers opportunity offers in the way of experience, I am really interested in uncovering new ways to reduce public intimidation of art museums and expose Plymouth’s artistic legacy to a new audience. I am very excited about the entire project and look forward to hearing your views of Plymouth’s man of the hour, Sir Charles Eastlake.


My name’s Sarah Hodge and I am studying BA (Hons) Fine Art with Art History. Young Explainers caught my attention as a great opportunity to make art more accessible to a wider audience. One of the ways this can be done is by providing knowledge outside of the museum environment; therefore I am keen to help provide a walking trail of all things Eastlake in Plymouth. I hope to bring lots of enthusiasm and creativeness to the project, while improving my public speaking and coordination skills.


My name is Rosie and I am a first year Fine Art and Art History joint honours student. After finishing my A levels I went on to do an art foundation year at Exeter College, however when it came to choosing my degree course I felt Art History would give me an interesting perspective on art, alongside studying it as a practical subject.

I’ve joined the Young Explainers group as I feel it is a really exciting opportunity to be involved with the practical elements of Art History. I’m especially interested as it is a major exhibition about a local Plymouth boy; literally a case of putting history into context!

To the group I can bring my event organisation skills, enthusiasm and annoying optimism! I’m not quite sure what I hope to get out of this project yet, but I’m sure it will be fun, and I’m really looking forward to working with members of the public discussing their history.


I am Rachael Morris and I am a mature student studying History of Art at Plymouth University, after having previously had a career in accountancy! I will bring experience of budget management and project management to the group and I’m also very reliable.

Although I have plenty of work experience, none of it relates to art history so I joined Young Explainers to gain some practical experience in the art historical field. I want to achieve practical research experience and I am also interested in taking part in an Art Bite talk. I am keen to take the opportunity of being involved in a prestigious National Gallery related event.


My name is Jo Lees and I’m from Bristol. I’ve just finished my second year of BA Fine art and Art History at Plymouth University. I joined the Young Explainers programme because I felt I finally had time to commit to it. I wanted to also better my understanding in the museum environment having recently done a module on collecting cultures in relation to Bristol Museum.

I like talking, organising and using art as a vehicle for learning and so I thought these interests would be useful for the Young Explainer team. The thing I would most like to achieve is something involving children and making the Eastlake exhibition accessible and fun for them!’


I am Francesca Didymus, I went to sixth form in Plympton at Ridgeway School where I studied Philosophy and Ethics, Photography and English. I got a conditional offer to study Graphic Communications and Typography at Plymouth University but decided that it wouldn’t be for me during my A Level exams and subsequently changed to an Art History degree at Plymouth

I am a good team player, I have a keen interest in art and a passion and enthusiasm to find out things no one else has. As well as being a hard worker who enjoys the opportunity to meet and have a laugh with new people.

As just stated, I want to meet new people and gain new skills through the Young Explainers project and it would also be GREAT to put on my CV. I want to also achieve a broader knowledge of the art world and important connections within it and learning how to organise events and research under pressure and within a certain time frame.


I am Jamie Ruers I have 3 A-Levels in Art, History and Geography and at present studying for a degree in Art History at Plymouth University.

I want to bring my enthusiasm and creativity to the group. I’m really keen to get started on sharing the information we find on Eastlake to the public and finding the best ways to get the message across, especially if that means dressing up!

I joined Young Explainers as I want to experience working in a museum environment, but also to be able to practice the more practical aspect of Art History. I’m glad I have the opportunity to express my more creative side.

I would like to develop my confidence in public speaking and interaction as well as gaining experience that will be useful for any job I eventually choose to do after university, whether that’s in or out of the museum.


I am Sarah Elizabeth Stagg I will be a 2nd year Graphic Design and Typography Student in September. I have A Levels in Law, Psychology and Graphic Design and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

I will bring my knowledge of Graphic Design to the group as well as commitment. I joined the Young Explainers because I wanted to improve my employability, by gaining experience within the museum to make me stand out in my field of graphic design. I also wanted to volunteer some time working within an effective team of other young professionals to achieve a brilliant outcome. Finally, I was interested to see behind the scenes of installing an exhibition

From this programme I hope to achieve a greater understanding of what goes into the process of curating an exhibition and improved time management skills. Also hopefully gain a thorough of knowledge of Eastlake and develop my graphic communication skills.


I am Alice Knight, I am studying towards an Art History degree. I joined Young Explainers again because it was really good fun last year with the British Art Show, organising a party and encouraging people our age to take an interest in contemporary art. It was a great bonding experience, getting to know the whole Art History class as well. It was fun and interesting working with people outside of university i.e. the museum staff. Hopefully I can bring experience from last year’s project and use it to the group’s advantage and be successful in making art interesting for everyone.


I am Kerry Messam I’ve just finished my first year studying Art History at Plymouth University. I previously studied A levels in Art History, Fine Art and Graphics at New College in Swindon. Overall I am quite a creative person, whether it’s through writing, art or performance.

I am creative and am a confident public speaker thanks to previous work in drama. I’ll be taking part in Art Bite talks and a creative play in the gallery for young children.

I joined Young Explainers as it is a great opportunity to meet other arty historical students as well as gaining valuable experience for the future. I especially liked the idea of having work experience involving teaching and working with children as I hope to become a teacher.

I hope to develop my skills in research and how to apply this to particular audiences. I hope that I can help the gallery become a fun and exciting place for learning and the idea of someone remembering even a single quirky fact is something great to achieve! I also hope to meet lots of people, learn more about art & have fun in the process.


I am Lizzie Hill and I am currently in my second year of an Art History degree.

I worked with the museum for last year’s Young Explainers projects and found it all to be a great experience! So I’m bringing knowledge of how things can be achieved and what great things can come out of hard work! I researched, wrote and delivered an Art Bite talk last year also which was then extended to deliver to a larger audience and thus experience as a public speaker and researcher also.

For this year I was particularly interested in the research aspect of things, and the actual exhibition itself sounds very interesting to be a part of. It’s a great opportunity to research things I otherwise might not have done, but it will also be great to get to know people from the other years of art history and to work together.


I am Vicky Smith and I have just finished my degree in Art History. After working on a similar project with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery in Exeter I wanted to jump at the chance to work again within a gallery environment.

I bring an enthusiasm for not just the activities that we will undergo during the project but also Eastlake himself as I love researching into the Victorian period. I have lived in Plymouth my whole life and love seeing the way that our local history is approached and shared with the city, as the city itself is full of its own history and historical figures.


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