Measuring tape
1 page of newspaper
4 pages of black card
Hole punch
Embellishments to decorate

Step 1: Take measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head. Divide this measurement in 2. (e.g. Circumference 24 inches/2= 12inches)

Step 2: Measure the length of your newspaper. Subtract this length from the above
measurement, and divide it in 2. (e.g. 15inches- 12inches= 3inches/2=
1.5inches) Mark 1.5inches from each end of the newspaper and join them with a
semi-circle. Cut out this semi-circle.

Step 3: Measure 6.5 inches upwards from the centre of the bottom, and 2.5 inches
upwards on either end. Join the marks in the curve as shown below.

Step 4: Cut the shape out.

 Step 5: Place newspaper template on black card and draw around the shape. (If the
template is larger than the card- overlap two of the shorter sides of card by
about 2 inches and glue them in place. To make them more secure you can staple
over the joins.)

Step 6: Repeat step 5 on another piece of black card and cut out the two shapes.

    Step 7: Staple the two card shapes together, along the sides and top. Leave the
bottom open as this is where your head will fit.  (Below is what the hat will look like from
underneath once stapled together.)

                               Step 8: Punch two holes using the hole punch on either side
of the gap. Attach a piece of string/ribbon/wool by threading it through the
hole and tying a knot.

         Final step: Customise with any embellishments of your choice…and
tada! One Napoleon hat. Ahoy matey!



1 paper plate
4 pages of black card

Hole punch
Black marker or Black paint
Embellishments to decorate

Step 1: Take the paper plate and cut out the middle, leaving the rim intact. An easy way to do this is by using a sharp pencil to make a hole in the middle. Use this hole as a starting point for your scissors. Alternatively you can use a craft knife but be careful as these are very sharp. Once you have cut out the middle of the plate, place both piece to one side to use later.

Step 2: Take two pieces of black card and overlap two of the shorter sides by about
2 inches. Glue these sides together. To make them more secure you can staple over
the joins.

Step 3: Take both ends of the card and roll into a cylinder. Whilst holding in place, slide the cylinder through the plate hole and release, allowing the cylinder to fit exactly inside the hole. Staple ends together to hold cylinder in place.


Step 4: At the base of the cylinder make small cuts into the card (approx. 1 inch deep) at equal distances around the entire shape. Fold these tabs out and slide the plate rim on top.

Step 5: On the underneath of the plate rim, cellotape the tabs to the plate.

Step 6: Use the cut out plate centre as a template to make the top of the hat.
Draw around this circle onto black card. Then draw another circle around that
one leaving about a 1 inch gap. Cut around the bigger circle, followed by
making small cuts up to the inner circle.

Step 7: Turn your hat inside down and slide the circle (tabs folded upwards) down
through the rim and cylinder of the hat. Reach inside to cellotape the tabs to
the inside of the cylinder to secure.

Step 8: You’re almost done! Flip the hat over and use the black marker/paint to colour in the white plate. You can then either leave your hat like this or embellish it with your name/ribbons/stickers/drawings. Let your imagination go wild.

Step 9: To make sure your hat doesn’t fly off into the wind, punch two holes either side of the hat rim. Thread some wool/ribbon/string through these holes and tie a knot…

… and tada! One gentleman’s top hat! Suits you, sir!


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